07 Aug What Is Muscle Adhesion?

What is muscle adhesion?

If you’re like most patients that I see in my office, chances are that you’ve probably never heard of adhesion – until now. This is very unfortunate because muscle adhesion is the most common condition in the human body. It is also the most misdiagnosed condition in the human body. Fortunately, adhesion is entirely fixable if found and treated by an expert.

Adhesion develops from overuse usually related to sports, high-intensity exercise, repetitive work movements, and poor posture. Adhesion acts like glue between muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and fascia making you weaker and less flexible. This, in turn, alters the movement of your joints. Altered joint movement creates an uneven distribution of load throughout the joint. Loading a joint unevenly will lead to pain, injury, and degeneration.


Adhesion acts like glue in muscle, making it weaker and less flexible.

Muscle adhesion in the upper neck muscles.

Muscle adhesion in the upper neck muscles.

Check out this video model of adhesion:


Without treatment of adhesion, pain and degeneration will continue to progress and worsen. If it is left untreated adhesion will lead to arthritis, tendon/ligament tears, disc injuries, cartilage damage, and diminishing function due to decreased flexibility and weakness.

Finding and fixing adhesion will restore range of motion and strength. This will add years to the quality of your life. Adhesion can only be found by a skilled provider who can actually feel the adhesion passing their fingers. This is not taught in any medical, chiropractic, or physical therapy school to any sufficient degree.

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