What Is A Nerve Entrapment?

woman suffering carpal tunnel wrist pain

10 Aug What Is A Nerve Entrapment?

Did you know nerve entrapment can cause aching, numbness, burning & tingling?

If you have ever experienced aching, numbness, burning or tingling then it is likely that you have a nerve entrapment. A nerve entrapment occurs when adhesion glues the nerve to a nearby structure (muscle, ligament, tendon). A healthy nerve is intended to move freely between muscles, tendons, ligaments and the other structures that it comes in contact with.

With overuse you will start to develop areas of adhesion that act like glue. This can cause a nerve to get stuck to an adjacent structure and no longer move freely. When this happens you can experience all kinds of painful symptoms. Your body doesn’t like when nerves get stuck so it creates a symptom to let you know something isn’t right.

Check out this video on nerve entrapment:

Sometimes a nerve entrapment can create a “tight” feeling to the patient, which leads them to believe they just need to stretch the tightness away. The “tightness” is actually your brain producing protective tension to prevent an injury. Trying to stretch through protective tension, like “tight” hamstrings, is dangerous and can lead to further injury. Your body can produce protective tension due to other injuries as well.

Your brain doesn’t like when nerves stretch too far past their normal length, and when a nerve gets stuck your brain will signal a muscle to tighten up to protect any damage to the nerve. You can’t stretch through a nerve entrapment, it needs treatment.

Some common diagnoses that you may have heard of involving nerve entrapment are sciatica, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and thoracic outlet syndrome. If you have been given one of these diagnoses without relief or are experiencing aching, numbness, burning, or tingling, there is hope. Finding and fixing adhesion at the spot of the nerve entrapment will restore healthy function by allowing the nerve to move freely without symptom.

If you are experiencing any symptoms related to a nerve entrapment we can help. Dr. King is an expert at finding and fixing adhesion and nerve entrapments through his training with Integrative Diagnosis. There is a solution to your problem. Contact us at (720) 502-6468 or info@novosofttissue.com and break free from pain!