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Experiencing foot and ankle pain Denver?

Foot and Ankle Pain - Washington Park Chiropractor - Novo Soft Tissue

The most common causes of foot and ankle pain that we address in our office:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis: This is a general term for pain at the bottom of the foot. The most common cause of plantar foot pain is muscle adhesion in the calf and foot muscles. Adhesion makes these muscles weaker, less flexible, and will cause the small foot muscles to become overworked and painful. Finding and fixing adhesion is critical to solving plantar foot pain.
  2. Achilles Tendon Injuries: 97% of all Achilles tendon injuries are preceded by a condition known as tendinosis. The fibers that make up the tendon will become disorganized with overuse. Tendons have a very poor blood supply and will become thicken with an unhealthy tissue before they tear. If you are experiencing Achilles tendon pain it is important that you find out why before it ruptures.
  3. Calf Strains: Overuse of the calf muscles will cause adhesion to develop. Adhesion will make the calf more susceptible to strains because the areas that are loaded with adhesion can’t contract properly and other areas of the calf become overworked.
  4. Ankle sprains: Ankle sprains will damage the small ankle ligaments that can limit full ankle range of motion. Without treatment of these small ligaments following an ankle sprain, the range of motion may never be restored. Limited range of motion will speed up degeneration of the ankle joint. Finding and fixing adhesion and scar tissue early will lessen, or even prevent, long-term degeneration due to an ankle injury.

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