Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, check, major credit cards, FSA (Flexible Savings Account), & HSA (Health Savings Account).  

What is the cost?

Our new patient comprehensive exam is $210. The comprehensive exam includes patient history, physical examination, review of medical records, diagnosis, and explanation of your diagnosis to you. The first visit is to gain a complete understanding of your problem and knowing what we can do to help. No treatment is performed on the first visit. If your problem is not serious enough to find out the cause and what can be done to help, then we aren’t the clinic for you… yet.


If you are a candidate for care, treatment will begin on the following visit. Follow-up visits are $70. The average number of follow-up visits is 12 to 16, always depending on the examination and complete diagnosis.

Where are you located?

We are located in West Washington Park at 900 E Louisiana Ave. #201, Denver, CO at the intersection of Louisiana Ave., Emerson St., & Buchtel Blvd in a two story brick building with blue awnings. There is a parking lot on the east side of the building.

What do I wear for my appointment?

Please come in workout attire. If you are coming in with an upper body injury like shoulder pain, please wear a tank top. If you are coming in with a lower back or a lower body injury please wear running shorts.