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Denver Shockwave Therapy

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Joint Pain

Our Process

Dr. King is an expert at finding and fixing muscle adhesion, which makes muscles weak and less flexible. We will also identify any other issues contributing to your pain. Our primary treatment method is cutting edge shockwave therapy, in addition to instrument and manual therapy methods.

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1 Consultation

First, we determine if you are a good fit for our office.

2 Examination

Next, we establish a complete understanding of your pain and condition, which will allow us to determine the next step towards resolution.

3 Treatment

Over a series of visits, we will apply the most effective treatment for your condition.

4 Resolution

By improving range of motion and increasing strength, we will allow your body to return to an appropriate level of activity.

If you've had pain for 3+ months, and have failed with multiple other providers, we can help.

Treatments we provide:

Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Manual Therapy

What Patients Are Saying

Tara R.

“I felt welcome from the moment I set foot in the door! This was my first experience using the service of a chiropractor, and I was impressed with the progress we made in the short amount of time that I was with Dr. King. I visited to get help with my SUPER tight hamstrings and legs while training for a race. My range of motion was increased, recovery time decreased and I was able to feel great while running lots of miles!“

Shannon H.

“I was told by several surgeons a neck fusion was my only option. My husband found Dr. King on-line and said it’s worth a try before surgery... I’ve now been going for almost a year and I feel completely healed. I have recommended him to everyone I know and we are all believers that a 10 min appointment can truly heal you!“

Stephanie A.

“HIGHLY recommend. When I find a place I trust, I can't recommend them enough. I am a fitness professional and it takes a toll on my body. I was getting weekly massages and tried a variety of things to relieve my pain. Unfortunately, these were just bandages. Dr. King took the time to listen as I described all my aches and pains and after the very first appointment I finally felt real relief! I almost couldn't believe it! I really appreciate that he takes the time to explain what he is doing. Not only was I able to feel the difference immediately, he was able to show me actual numbers that correlate to my range of motion. It helps me understand how my body should be working. The team is also wonderful. When I needed insurance documents they provided them in less than 24 hours. Friendly and professional - definitely recommend. Thank you Novo!“

Gus C.

“I'm one of those hopeless cases that was told I might have to live with pain the rest of my life. It's been many years in the making and I wasn't willing to accept it. My research brought me to Novo and Dr. King and he has helped me greatly not only to understand what was happening in my body to begin working on it. We're not done yet as I have many areas of injury but I have seen great improvement in my strength and endurance since beginning. Dr. King is not cheap, but his attention and expertise is worth it.“

Max C.

“I see Dr. King regularly for a laundry list of issues with my body (neck, upper back, knee, ankle, sciatica). He has made steady improvement on all of my maladies over time and is my best resource for making my body feel better. Despite all of my issues, I like to stay active, playing a variety of sports. I could not do that without Dr. King's expertise and treatments.“

Kyle S.

“Very helpful with my chronic neck and low back problems. My neck I no longer think about and see the doctor once a month at this point to maintain my activity. My back feels 90% after nearly two decades of frequent pain, and am also rarely seeing the doctor unless I travel extensively.“

Cody C.

“As a competitive athlete (weight lifting) healthy soft tissue work is essential for my recovery and performance. Dr. King at Novo has restored movements and strength to my body after suffering some injuries and wear and tear over years of weight lifting. His treatments will be the reason I can continue to do my sport for as long as possible.“

Katie B.

“After 3 years of pain and multiple appointments with a variety of healers, including physicians, physical therapists, and other chiropractors, I finally found relief with Dr. King. His treatment is efficient and has real time results allowing me to continue my normal exercise routine. I couldn't be happier that I discovered NOVO Soft Tissue. It has been a real game changer!“

Marisa N.

“I had hip surgery almost 6 years ago and have had new and debilitating pain ever since that made walking very unpleasant and difficult. I have sought help from many, many physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and orthopedists. I would usually achieve a 50% improvement, but then I was dismissed because they didn't know what else to do for me. Dr. King was literally my last hope. I had a suspicion that adhesions were part of my problem because of my seeming talent at making them in response to injury in other parts of my body. What's great about Dr. King is that 1. he knew what to do and 2. he was willing to keep at it, no matter how long it took. It took about 8 months, but one day I realized that my pain level was consistently about a 1-2 (instead of 7-8), and sometimes gone entirely. I still see Dr. King every few weeks for a tune up---between some back degeneration, the length of time I had the adhesions and my proclivity for making them, I imagine that may be true for awhile. My time with Dr. King has been worth every penny and I am so grateful to be able function again!“

Chris H.

“I've been seeing Dr. King for over a year now and he has literally fixed 3 issues I have been having for numerous years. Neck pain is gone, back pain is gone, ankle pain is gone. My mobility on all 3 of these issues is up big too. I will continue to see him regularly to catch issues before they get worse. I can't thank him and his wonderful team enough. Everyone is super friendly and they run a tight ship, which is much appreciated. I think the longest I have waited was 3 or 4 minutes, which is nothing in the doctor world.“

Brian B.

“I have been to many specialists and Dr. King has a unique and effective process that works! Good job!“

Son T.

“Dr. King is friendly and a professional. He’s help me out a lot with my symptoms. Recommend you see him for your soft tissue issues.“

Steven H.

“I discovered Novo Soft Tissue not long ago for a lingering back and neck problem. I’ve been to other doctors, physical therapists, massage therapist etc with no remedy, but Dr. King and his team were able to identify and execute a treatment plan that worked! Dr King is a very skilled professional, and his adhesion release technique is a rare talent and he truly sets himself apart from anyone else. I highly recommend their services if you have nagging issues no one else can seem to fix. Get well!“

Nikolas T.

“I cannot recommend Novo Soft Tissue enough. I am 26 years old and have had back pain since I was 15 years old. My pain was a result of over use and repetitive movements through sports. Once the pain became too much to compete further I replaced my desire for competition through video games. Poor posture and being sedentary for long periods of time only created more pain and lack of mobility. It did not matter how much yoga or strengthening I did to counter my poor posture or fix my injuries. It had got to the point where I felt stuck and unable to engage certain muscles. I felt like I was too young to feel this way. I had been to many different chiropractors and would not get sustainable relief. Through addressing postural problems and targeting specific areas to strengthen I now have a solid foundation to live pain free for the rest of my life, enjoy video games and be physically active!“

Danielle D

“I started seeing Dr. King a couple of years ago for pain in my neck, back, and foot. I was in a bad crash when I was younger, and had been dealing with ongoing pain ever since. My job forces me to sit for long hours, which isn’t helpful for chronic pain. I have seen dozens of medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors over the years, very few of which have been able decrease my pain levels in any way. Medicine works temporarily, but it is not a long term solution for me and I really needed something that would actually help my pain instead of only masking it. Dr. King has done a great job of decreasing my pain levels and was the first doctor to give me a solution that wasn’t completely temporary. My husband can tell when I’m going to regular appointments with Dr. King because I’m in noticeably less pain on a daily basis. It can be difficult to make time to take care of myself with a busy work schedule, but it is 100% worth it. Also, his staff is friendly, which I always appreciate.“

Mitchell S.

“Dr. King and his staff are simply the best. Dr. King is very thorough, explains everything he is going to do and lays out a map for future treatments. It’s evident that he is dedicated to his practice. I would highly recommend Novo Soft Tissue and Spine.“

Ln Fs

“Best treatment I’ve ever found to deal with back and hip issues that I’ve tried for 15 years. He’s made and incredible difference for me and greatly enabled my range of motion and relieved the pain I’ve suffered for so many years! Dr. King is amazing and extremely professional!! Highly highly recommend him!“

Lisa E.

“Dr King saved me from Surgery. I went a year ago with pinched nerves from compressed discs in my neck. I couldn’t move and had migraines that were relentless. After the first week the migraine went away and I had some movement back. After 2 months with 2X a week, I had full range of motion. I now go back for maintenance. But If I do something wacky and feel like there is damage, I call and get an appointment that day or the next. Dr King and his powerful thumbs are life savers. His office staff are super nice too.“

Ben P.

“Before seeing Dr. King I was going to a massage therapist for my neck and shoulders every two weeks... I felt relief but obviously not for very long. I’ve been seeing Dr.King for 10 months and see him every 2 months with my neck and shoulder pain being minimal. Dr King teaches how to treat your issue and his goal is to treat and have you never come back! He truly cares about his patients and well being.“

Christie M.

“I’m 42 years old and I’ve had back and neck problems since high school. I was always hurting and popping Advil to get through the pain. I’ve seen chiropractors for decades and would feel better immediately after the appointment but would then start hurting again. I got to a point where my arms and fingers started going numb. I found Dr. King through an ad on Facebook and thought, “Why not try this? My chiropractor regimen clearly wasn’t working.” Dr. King’s intake appointment/evaluation was fast but he seemed to know what was keeping me in pain. After my first appointment, I felt so much better! The tension and pain were gone. Within two weeks, my numbness had disappeared, headaches stopped and I wasn’t in pain for the first time that I could remember. My daughter sees Dr. King now and we both are so happy we found Novo Tissue and Spine. I can’t recommend Dr. King and his office highly enough. “

C Kreutz

“I was watching a FB video of Dr. King treating a neck and I thought it would help me. After trying PT; traditional chiro; I wasn’t improving so i went to Dr. King. His adhesion treatment has made a huge difference in my neck mobility, stiffness, and discomfort.“


“Dr. King does amazing work! His expertise has helped me get back on track after a bad back injury. Office staff is friendly and accommodating. Would highly recommend considering NOVO to anyone in need!“

Deborah M.

“I have been a patient of Dr. King's for three months. So, over joyed about the results we have accomplished. When we sat down to discussion my issues, he listen, explained and discussed a plan that would get me on the road to feeling better. When you live with pain, you think that it is your normal. I had years of repetitive use, but after three months I am able to live without pain. I would recommend the team at Novo Soft Tissue. Before you consider surgery, I would reach out to Dr. King. Many thanks!“

Melanie B.

“Dr. King, his staff and the whole experience at Novo Soft Tissue is top notch. Dr King knows his stuff and your health and wellness are his top priority. My husband and I both have benefited from Dr King’s treatments from deabilitating sciatica problems to tingling arm symptoms. We are both back to 100% and so grateful for Dr. King and his practice.“

Karsen R.

“I had gone to many doctors in both California and Colorado for my chronic shoulder pain. None were able to give me sustained relief like Dr. King has.“

Katina H.

“Dr King and all the staff at Novo Soft Tissue and Spine are truly wonderful people! I was just trying to get through the day when I started going to them . Now I'm able to do the things I love again! I would highly recommend them to anyone with neck and back pain!“

Alex L.

“I cannot speak more highly of dr. King in the staff at Novo. At the age of 30 I came in with an extremely debilitating back injury so much so that I could barely walk. After a little over a month of treatments I feel better than I have in months. I'm back at work and I have so much more Mobility than I did before. It felt like a miracle. If you're even thinking about going to Novo stop thinking and just do it your health is worth it.“

Jeff B.

“I can't say enough about Dr. King and his staff. I had severe sciatica pain flare up after a 12 year hiatus. I was miserable and had tried traditional chiropractic, acupuncture, electropuncture, cupping, inversion, etc. Nothing worked beyond very mild, temporary relief. After several months, I finally made an appointment at Novo Soft Tissue. Dr. King was very thorough in his diagnosis and in explaining what was causing my pain. He explained the treatment plan and managed my expectations of the treatment. It took several visits (a week and a half or so in total) to have significant relief, and I am now pain free. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Novo Soft Tissue. Thank you, Dr. King. You made a big difference in my quality of life! “

Elizabeth D.

“This has been a very positive experience. I went from almost constant pain to no pain in six weeks, and am looking forward to strengthening my back to not ever experience that pain again. They know their stuff!“

Studio Nomad

“This was just the miracle I needed! I started training for a marathon and about halfway through, I developed pain in my Achilles tendon. It got bad enough that I stopped running completely, and it was even hurting to walk. I tried everything else, physical therapy, kt tape, cbd, different shoes, special insoles. Finally, a friend referred me to Scott and after only two months, my pain is gone and it looks like I might even be able to run again some day soonish. Really, truly grateful and amazed.“

Kristy K.

“Scott King is a knowledgeable, kind, and savvy doctor. Appointments are executed with precision and acuity; quick and to the point with huge results. I recommend Dr.King to anyone who is suffering with reoccurring pain, old injuries, and especially anyone in a service industry.“

Vicki F.

“Dr. King has revolutionized my care and progress many years after a car accident. And, after many failed attempts from other doctors. He will extraordinarily help you recover long-term from your pain.“

Nancy R.

“Professional friendly office with high quality, progressive medical care. Highly recommend!“

Merrill S.

“Love the technique and good people. Really like the results“

Erik Buehler

“Dr. King keeps me straight! I was in bad shape a year ago and he improved my flexibility back to where it was before high school.“

Rita Woit

“Making the call to NOVO is the first step to your BEST LIFE! I have suffered hip pain for years. I have been to many doctors only to find myself at another dead end. That is all over now! Dr. King had me feeling better than I can ever remember in just a few visits. Truly Miraculous! Thank you!“

Theresa Bone

“I have been physically active my whole life and have put a lot of miles on my body. In the last couple years the word that comes to mind to describe my body is "stuck". I was tight everywhere and had multiple nagging injuries. Scott has fixed my neck, low back, hips and feet! I wake up pain free and have been running faster and more efficiently than I have in years! Worth every penny. Scott knows his stuff!“

Anthony S

“I’ve had severe back pain for twenty years, from my tailbone to the base of my skull. After six different chiropractors, four specialists, three procedures, and many different kinds of physical therapy, I’d pretty much given up on ever feeling better. Dr. King and his treatments are the only thing that has been successful in actually fixing the problems and drastically lowering my pain levels in a relatively short amount of time. Calling him a life saver is not hyperbole. If you have physical pain and feel you have tried everything else, call Dr. King. “

Nicholas Jackson

“great overall improvement. Dr Scott is very knowledgeable and helped where dry needling and other treatments did not. I had almost officially given up on my shoulder before giving scott a try. Well worth the pain, Love the results. Back to normal.“

Tenele Cadayong

“This treatment works“

Brett Wertman

“No more back and hip pain!! The work Dr. King is amazing. I have struggled with back and hip pain over the years as a result of high volume and heavy weight lifting. After a few visits to Dr. King my hip mobility significantly increased and back pain gone. Highly recommend!!“

Dylan Clark

“I am so glad I found Novo Soft Tissue! Dr. Scott has thoroughly diagnosed and treated pain throughout my body, including neck pain that had been leading to chronic headaches! I am now able to move pain and headache free. The whole experience has been very pleasent as the service is always quick, professional and friendly.“

Christian Sobremesana

“Dr Scott Gordon fixed my right knee last year and is fixing my left knee this year. I had pain coming up from my squat and he diagnosed the problem, developed a plan to fix the knee and his treatment helped alleviate the pain I was feeling. I highly recommend Novo Soft Tissue & Spine.“

Daniel Mitchell

“Dr. King is the man! I had been told for years that my pain was coming from my knees and in fact it was not. Dr. King found out that the pain was being generated from my lower back spine area. Since the initial diagnosis, I was able to see Dr. King several times and now happy to report that the pain has subsided. Thank you, Dr. King!“

Raymond Saperstein

“I'll tell you, I'm always a bit skeptical with Medical treatments chiropractors/doctors and all, but I have to say i am very pleased with the results I have achieved over my time with Dr. King. I would certainly recommend his services!“

Derek Smith

“After seeing many different people with a nagging shoulder issue, Dr. King has been the only person who has been able to help. Since the help with my shoulder, he has also improved an ongoing knee issue. Dr. King takes the time to really get to the root of the issue and is a complete game changer!“

Jenna Kobza

“I am so thankful to have found Dr. Scott King. I am a gymnastics coach with a shoulder injury that has haunted me for almost 2 years. Shots, PT, & Surgery have helped in only very minor ways. This has been the only time I have felt relief with improvement. Thank You!“

Ann Olivares

“Hands down great experience. I've had a variety of issues at times at a loss of where to go and if maybe there isn't anyone that can help. Recently have been having right hip and hamstring issues to the point where I have done what I can in my power to minimize the discomfort with no luck. Making sitting down unbearable. Adhesion work has done wonders for me.“

Maureen Smith

“I had been having persistent neck and shoulder pain for over a year to the point where it was uncomfortable to drive. After about six weeks of seeing Dr. King, I can happily say that my neck and shoulder pain is pretty much gone. He is thorough and spends time with his patients to ensure he is providing quality care.“

Stephen Parmentier

“I am incredibly happy with my results. I went in with nagging but persistent elbow pain and now I am able to work out pain free. Thanks Dr. King!“

Jeremiah Mitchell

“Dr. King has enabled my body to perform at my maximum capacity as a professional triathlete by eliminating an IT Band injury that has been holding me back for over half a decade!“

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